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Prepare a corpus of East Tusom wordlist and text data for release, with phonetic and phonemic transcriptions and appropriate metadata. Produce a sketch of the phonetics and phonology of East Tusom (Tangkhulic; Tibeto-Burman) based on ibid.

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Automatic Interlinear Glossing for Under-Resourced Languages

Attempt to leverage neural-based models with dual sources (transcription and translation) to create a hard-to-obtain gloss from an easy-to-obtain parallel corpus.

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Intrinsic Evaluation of Contextualized Word Embeddings

Contextualize a word translation task; fill the gap between outdated dictionary-based word translation tasks and update contextualized word embedding evaluation.

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Graduate Students

Nathan Anderson N
Nathan Anderson
Master of Language Technologies
Brendon Boldt
Master of Language Technologies
Satoru Ozaki
Master of Language Technologies
Yue Yin Y
Yue Yin
Master of Language Technologies
Sean Zhang S
Sean Zhang
Xingyuan Zhao
Master of Language Technologies


Jong Hyuk (Jay) Park Master of Language Technologies, 2020. Now at University of Edinburgh.